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Ecuador Mar Fishing Company-EMARFISA is dedicated to providing a wide selection of some of the world's finest choices of seafood.

Final products ready to be exported to North America

We are located in Salinas-Ecuador, a region that has been blessed with vast populations of pelagic fish. Due to its great geographical location and amazing quality of fresh fish, we have been able to position our business competitively in the global arena and the company is now classified as a top purveyor in the collection, processing, and marketing of Ecuadorian sea products.

We began our operations three years ago and the driving force behind our business has been our unequivocal commitment to the mission statement that we crafted together, as a dedicated team: "To offer our clients, all around the world, the best sea products, never compromising on quality, freshness and service". We are a family business - The Gutierrez Adrianzen family - and we are proud of our far-reaching capacity to provide and maintain the highest standards for exportation of our products to select markets in the international community.

Wide variety of popular pelagic fish

General Manager, with one of our favorite fish, fresh tuna to the world

We offer our distinguished clientele a wide variety of popular pelagic fish, such as wahoo, escolar, yellow fin and big eye tuna, mahi-mahi , to name a few. Our area of expertise is fresh fish, and we export it to very discerning clients around the world.

The demand for fine seafood continues to grow exponentially across the world. Our company is committed to keeping up with this phenomenal pace of development because of the dedication of our team and the technology of our facilities. We are therefore well on our way to assuming a leadership role in the global industry and we invite you to join with us in this success.

Contact us for an order right away, and we will be happy to serve you.....over and over again.

Very best wishes,

Rafael Gutierrez Adrianzen, General Manager, Ecuador Mar Fishing Company, Emarfisa-Ecuador